KapU HawaI'i

Est. 2017

Kane'ohe, Hawai'i


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KAPU Hawai’i Apparel is a Hawaiian owned small business established in Kaneohe, Hawai’i by Kirk Robello, a University of Hawai’i graduate and entrepreneur. The vision of KAPU is to promote the sacredness of the land, culture and community of not only Hawaiians, but to all people, through support and awareness.

There are few better places in the world that represent true community in the face of diversity than Hawai'i. Our KAPU Brand is the outlet created to help support important community projects, not only in Hawaii, but around the world.

To do this, we have designed a 50/50 merchandise model, with half of all the proceeds going to establish and/or support global and local community based projects.



Hawai'i has become the paradise that many yearn to attain, yet its people have a rich culture that they are desperately trying to preserve. Hawaii’s history is an amazing story of strife and perseverance. And at the crux of Hawaiian culture there has always been KAPU.


The meaning of KAPU

The meaning of KAPU is complex and multifaceted, but for us and many others; SACRED, a respect for humanity, nature and the preservation of cultural identity are the principles it represents.

From its beginning in the KAPU System of our ancestors to the appreciation of its core value to modern day Hawaii. We strive to live in the sacredness (KAPU) of our land and its people.

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Partnership Organizations

KAPU Hawai'i knows very well that we are only a small part in accomplishing our mission of cultural and social awareness. To us, partnerships and relationships with local community organizations and businesses is integral for us to have greater reach and impact.

We have partnered with companies like YeongoTalk and organizations like Ko'olaupoko who have similar ideals in community enrichment.

Our goal is to expend our brand and mission to appeal to a greater audience that is like - minded in seeking preservation of our cultures and environment, and for the improvement of our local and global communities.